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Our Adventure

Helena Accommodations began as a highly limited extended stay facility in 1997. For the next twenty years we have refined and significantly expanded our idea of 

an in town extended stay residence suite. This includes a complete apartment with all the current twenty first century technologies, operating in an architecturally preserved and improved 19th century building. 


We have had wonderful success, as we have expanded to currently 18 complete extended stay suites, featuring updated kitchens and baths, wonderfully furnished livingrooms/diningrooms/bedrooms, with hotel quality toweling, sheets etc, multiple flat screens, with Bluetooth, broad cable selections and powerful wifi. Many have in suite washers and dryers, a huge advantage for our clients. We plan to have washer/dryer in all suites by the summer of 2018. 


We are routinely receiving ‘five star’ ratings from departing clients, who stay 4 day, 4 months or longer. They love THEIR suite, appreciate the easy parking, warm weather, air conditioning and especially an ownership, on site staff who delight in providing the finest extended stay suites and service in the Helena area. 


Located in a colony of 19th century buldings, a short walk to downtown resturants and entertainments, Carroll College and the Capitol; Helena Accommodations will bring a special environment to residents that is difficult to match at the large corporate extended stays anywhere else in the area.




Welcome to Helena and have a superior extended stay.

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